More from the Battle of Moonstair

This from Dan, cheers:

“Within moments we were surrounded by Wyverns, crowing to each other as they beat their leathery wings and swooped in low over the rooftops of Moonstair.A large purple beast alit on a rooftop behind me, Sebastian burst through the a window in the roof and swung his Mordenkrad, hooking the creature’s wing and preventing it from escaping. The Wyvern’s tail snaked through the air and struck at Sebastian repeatedly, finally finding a chink in his armour and sinking it’s poison tipped barb deep into his flesh.
Spinning on my heel I recited the dream-taught incantation to whisper words of horror into my foe’s mind, gesturing with my black, pseudopodian rod at Sebastians captive. As I muttered the abyssmal words a brief moment of understanding seared through my brain, I saw connections that could not be and the Dreadful Words burst from my throat in a voice that was not mine!
The Wyvern squawked, eyes rolling back in it’s head like a poleaxed ox, beating its wings furiously in sheer terror, Sebastian held it down until finally it pitched backwards off of the shallow roof and crumpled to the streets below.
A brief vision of ancient Bael Turath lambasted my senses as Caiphon taught me more of my heritage as a blood crowned courtier.

My power was growing.”

Chronicles of Raelthos Moonchild III, P1, Chapter 8


Return to Moonstair parts 1 and 2

From Dan:

After Skalmad’s dire portent and our experiences with Karavakos in the Pyramid of Shadows we were sure he was not altogether slain. After a brief discussion we decided to push on into the warren in the hope that we would find a way to foil Skalmad’s plans from afar.
The room beyond the bloody corridor was a large subterranean forge with two huge fire-pits and a squat bearded troll barking orders to the blind, grey workers. The element of surprise was lost to us as the squat, bearded troll blacksmith roared to his minions and we surged forward, eldritch lightning sparked from my viscious black rod, felling two of the grey beings in quick succession, Flynn engaged a third while Bax defended the right flank and Illvelios moved deeper into the room. Kallista provided covering fire and Sebastian stomped forward shouting “He’s mine!” and gesturing to the troll with his Mordenkrad…

As I sifted through the weaponry in the forge it was all of a kind, crude forged iron, no sign of the Sunguard. Illvellios called us together, he’d received a psychic communication from the Eladrin Ambassador. Moonstair was heavily under siege, the militia were no match for the marauding troll army, the Eladrin forces were similarly outnumbered and we were their only hope! We gathered our gear and made our way back to the sink-hole cave. It was approaching morning and we clambered up the dirt sides of the pit as the last few stars winked out of sight, I could still feel the pull of caiphon from below the horizon, I can always feel the direction of Caiphon since we left the pyramid.

We forced a march to Moonstair through the clammy morning mist which didn’t quite seem to burn off all day, as the sun rose so too did the midges which seemed to revel in infiltrating Sebastian’s armour, Kallista seemed unaffected by them as they hissed and fizzed, electrified or burned to a crisp if they flew too close. Bax and myself were also largely unaffected minly due to the toughness of our skin.

As we approached Moonstair we could see smoke rising, we broke into a jog and soon came upon the first of the burning farmsteads. As far as the eye could see the outlying lands of Moonstair had been devastated, Kallista guessed we were now only an hour or so behind the trollen army and we re-doubled our efforts. Not far down the road and we heard the screams of a human woman, her pale dirt-smudged face silhoetted in a window-frame spewing thick black smoke. Below her stood a huge troll, laughing and taunting her in broken common. The fields around the farmhouse were also ablaze and we stalked through the burning crops hidden in the cloying smoke and soon we spotted the beastmaster’s wards – six big black hairy wargs stalked around the building, pure feral teeth and muscle that we could smell from upwind, and they could smell us! Quickly Illvelios ordered our battle-lines and we attacked, leaping through the flames, weapons drawn and shouting our anger to supress the waves of fear that rolled off of the fearsome beasts.

and Part 2 from me:

The fight with the Wargs was a tough one, illvellios surely coming off the worst. I dispatched my second troll of the day and felt good for it. Unfortunately there was no time for rest and we moved on once again, but not before we’d doused the flames and calmed those in the burning farmhouse…. Read more…

Welcome to the Trollhaunt Warrens

We’re off to the Trollhaunt Warrens. I’ve added a page with everything so far and will TRY to keeps posts up to date.


Well, it’s been a while. The Pyramid of shadows stuff is up to date now. Then it’s on to the Trollhaunt Warrens….

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A note on Marmite….

Marmite. Some hate it, some love it and despite what the adverts say, some are not really fussed either way.

I’ve tried marmite in most of its forms, from crisps to rice cakes. Yesterday i tried the Marmite Chashew nuts…… Read more…

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More from the Pyramid: Hovels of the Damned

from Dan, cheers:

So much has happened in the past day, if time can be reckoned upon so. We pursued the gasseous green essence of the abominable Karavakos into a large room, ramshackle buildings filled the cavern and the sound of a sermon being preached was coming from the largest building. Quickly we concocted a plan, Flynn, Illvellios and Sebastian surrounded the chapel while I snuck out into what could be described as the square. The demi-humans gathered around the twisted cross heard me and I had to bluff my way past, as they moved towards me I blended into the shadows, Kallista stepped forward and incinerated them with a huge gout of magical flame. At the same time Flynn, Illvelios and Sebastian heaved at the supports of the makeshift chapel and it collapsed into a pile of rotten timber and dry mud..
A short battle ensued with more foulspawn, I engaged one four-limbed creature whille Illvellios and Sebastian tried to pin down their leader – the seer that had been holding the sermon. Kallista took quite a beating again but eventually we destroyed all the foul denizens of the hovels of the damned

Julio is missing some sessions, so he kindly figured it into the game:

The fight was over, the fowl spawn and their human acolytes were defeated. Crouching down to clean some gore from his short sword Flynn felt the lightest of touches, spinning he saw a four armed foul spawn running down a side passage. Standing Flynn realised his back pack felt lighter…..wait…what was the foul spawn cradling against it’s chest….the Shard!

Sprinting in the darkness Flynn yelled over his shoulder “it’s stolen the shard of Karavakos, go on with out me, I’ll catch up” lengthening his stride Flynn ran harder, the hunt was on….

Apple Crumble

Our usual GM for wednesday games has an apple tree in the back garden and it’s dropping season. As a result, i got some free cooking apples, awesome. I immediately took them home, peeled them and put them in the freezer.

Last friday I went to the supermarket for the neccessary ingredients and made me a nice crumble, it turned out quite large. I visited some friends at the weekend and took it down with me.

Apple Crumble + Custard = WIN, thanks Baz and Steps!!

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